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Actors sought for The Girl on the Train

Thriller needs actors

Job details

Howick Little Theatre
21 Feb 2021
Work type
Volunteer, Auditions
Work classification
Community & Access Arts, Performing Arts



The Girl on the Train

Based on the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins and the DreamWorks film. Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel.

Directed by Matthew van den Berg

When: Sunday 21st of February.

1.30pm onwards by appointment (other times by negotiation)

Where: Howick Little Theatre

1 Sir Lloyd Drive, Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga

How: Email H.L.T for a script

The theatre is open from January 18th

Rehearsals - Begin Sunday the 21st of March and will be Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights 7-10 pm

Production Dates

8th to 29th of May – the rehearsal process is both fun and tiring and requires commitment and perseverance. Availability and a commitment to line learning will be key to our success. Please ensure you are in the right space to achieve both.


Matthew van den Berg has had a long association with community theatre in Auckland as both director and actor, most recently directing Dolphin Theatre’s Deathtrap in 2020 or appearing in H.L.t.’s. 2019 play Neighbourhood Watch.

Matthew works professionally where able and is a committed creative who cares deeply about live theatre, and the process of performance through collaborative and intuitive means.

The Play

Rachel has lost her job and marriage, and is an alcoholic who suffers from drunken black-outs that punctuate her wrecked life. She rides the train every day, fixated on the trackside lives of ex-husband Tom, his new partner Anna and their baby, and their neighbours Scott and Megan Hipwell. She doesn’t know the Hipwells but sees them on the balcony from her train. Rachel has constructed imaginary names and perfect lives for them – the sort of life she wishes she could have had realised with Tom if only she were able to get provide him a baby. She sees this as the reason their relationship failed and life unravelled.

Megan inexplicably goes missing shortly after Rachel spies her from the train kissing an unknown man on her balcony. Rachel injects herself into the investigation believing she holds the missing clue to Megan’s disappearance. Detective Inspector Gaskill becomes suspicious of her motives after she begins to show up at Scott Hipwell’s house - also a suspect - pretending to be Megan’s friend.  Megan’s therapist, Kamal Abdic is revealed as that man on the balcony and falls under suspicion. Rachel emerges as the strongest suspect, struggling to maintain her sobriety in order to recover important memories that will not only clear her name and solve Megan’s disappearance but also expose the dark truth behind her train wreck of a life and her missing time.


The play is set in England with corresponding U.K. accents. There is no strong preference for prescribed accents so we are open-minded and keen to see what you bring to the audition.

Please Note: Ages are broadly indicative and we are open-minded. This play covers adult themes. There are intimacy and violent scenes that will be approached with your comfort and safety in mind. These extremes can make for great theatre but it does require your consent. Is this play right for you?

Rachel Watson (28-35yrs) – as the protagonist, Rachel’s story drives the narrative. She is a mess; the story isn’t always pretty. However, her character develops wonderfully in terms of redemption and actor’s craft and will best suit a hard-working actor with good emotional range. Obviously, it will be viewed as the trophy role due to nature of this piece but please consider the depth of this play and remain open-minded about other possibilities.

Anna Watson (28-35yrs) – Anna’s depth is discovered through the piece as we find out she shares more in common with her antagonist than either could have imagined. There is great scope here to craft a complex character; the emotionally abused wife of a psychopath.

Megan (26-30yrs) – Megan is a deeply scarred woman with a terrible secret. Her back-story is harrowing, her “perfect life” far from reality and Rachel’s imaginings. She is damaged and needy, manifesting in complex, unhealthy relationships with men and ultimately her demise.

Tom Watson (28-35yrs) – Tom is a great guy, right? He finally got the thing he always wanted – a stable, loving wife who doesn’t drink herself to black-outs and can provide him with the family he wanted so much. Don’t be fooled though. He’s actually despicable beneath that veneer of concern. He’s no victim, but is great at creating them.

Scott Hipwell (28-35yrs) – Scott concludes any mis-placed notions about perfect relationships in this play. Married to the younger, beautiful Megan, successful Scott also wants a baby that Megan seems unable to provide him. His paranoia and controlling behaviour sometimes flare into something more sinister but, once again, outward appearances are everything.

Kamal Abdic (28-35yrs) – Megan’s therapist will clearly have his work cut out. The trusted, intuitive role of therapist soon becomes something far murkier and dangerous when he crosses the patient/practitioner intimacy line and becomes a suspect in her disappearance.

D.I. (Detective Inspector) Gaskill (35-50yrs) – Gaskill is the lead investigator into Megan’s disappearance and has a few surprises to offer up themselves. We are looking for somebody who can give a slightly off-beat performance (pun intended) played by either a man or woman. 

Audition pieces

Rachel – Act One, Scene One

Tom – Act One, Scene One

Scott – Act One, Scene Two

Gaskill – Act One, Scene Three

Kamal – Act One, Scene Four

Anna – Act Two, Scene Seven pages 84-87

Megan - Act One, Scene Four pages 28-29

If the opportunity arises we may ask you to wait outside the audition room and read again with other actors.

How to apply

Appointments: Email the director for an audition time preferably after Jan 18th

Written by

Howick Little Theatre

11 Jan 2021