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Performing Arts Aotearoa Wikiproject - Wikipedia
10 Oct 2021
Online, National
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Research, Education & Development, Performing Arts


This is a call out for anyone who wants to learn to write on Wikipedia especially if you want to participate in the Performing Arts Aotearoa Wikiproject

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website in the world, editors are volunteers and anyone can edit and write. The project is being run by designer and arts practitioner Lisa Maule. She started editing on Wikipedia two years ago at an edit-a-thon about Māori women artists.   

Editing is a hobby that expands your own knowledge and creates a flow of information accessible for others. 

It suits people who are interested in the subject, who likes researching and who like the idea of contributing to knowledge on the web. Politically it is a way of creating accessible information about artists, makers and producers you don't hear about so much in the mainstream which includes many notable women and many people of colour. As an encyclopedia it is a conflict of interest (COI) to write about yourself or your own company or production, but we can write about productions we have seen and companies we have followed. Many people expand articles from the place where they grew up.   

It takes up as much time as you want to give - a few hours a week, to a few hours a month and there is a supportive network in Aotearoa with meetups online and in person around the country. 

The Performing Arts Aotearoa Wikiproject has identified missing articles of notable people, organisations and venues, and articles that need more content or for an issue to be addressed. As people start editing and writing new areas that can be expanded become noticable.   

Some of the articles that need work as examples include:

How to apply

There are a few options of how to start:

- Get a 1:1 or small goup lesson from Lisa or other editors in your area (email to organise -

- Join a local Meetup

- Create a user account and look at online tutorials

- Register for the upcoming Wellington WikiConNew Zealand's third Wikimedia conference in 2021 at Victoria University from 27 to 28 November 2021

Once you have had a lesson and got set-up it is a matter of finding good sources of infomation such as reviews, media interviews and stories, academic articles. There is a variety of work editing on Wikipedia that suits different types of people. Some prefer to add photo's, some add to lists and tidy up how things look, some find information and create sections writing content.

There is also Wikidata for people interested in open source data.

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Written by

Lisa Maule

9 Aug 2021

Based in Wellington, New Zealand's creative capital, Lisa is a professional with 25 years experience in performing arts and events across project work and design.  ​​ Lisa loves getting people together to exchange ideas and progress towards action. ​​