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Artist expressions of interest for public art installations

Link Alliance

Job details

Link Alliance
1 Oct 2021
National, Auckland
Work type
Expressions of interest
Work classification
Community & Access Arts, Culture & Heritage, Visual Arts


The Link Alliance is seeking proposals from artists and arts brokers for the provision of a mural image designs to decorate the water tanks, silos and a container tower that have been constructed in the Mt Eden Station construction site.

About Link Alliance 

Link Alliance is delivering The City Rail Link (CRL) project, which is a vital component of the Auckland City Centre Masterplan 2020, and is the single largest transport infrastructure project to be undertaken in New Zealand.  The cumulative effect of these substantial public and private sector works will be transformative for the city and will underpin the next chapter of Auckland’s development as a highly desirable place to live, work and visit.  

During the construction of the City Rail Link, a number of silos and a Vertical Conveyor Belt Tower will be in place for up to two years around the Mt Eden work sites. To help mitigate disruption for the surrounding community, the Link Alliance Mt Eden team is engaging artists to help ensure the area surrounding our sites remain an attractive place to work, live, visit, and do business. It is also a great opportunity to tell the rich stories embedded in the area and the project.  


Te Aranga Māori Design Principles 

Across the project, the Te Aranga Māori Design Principles have been applied to the design thinking and design development of the City Rail Link stations. These principles are founded on Māori cultural values, and act as a guiding tool for enhancing outcomes in the design environment.  Each of the stations has been assigned a Maori deity, to recognise and honour the importance of ancestral Mana Whenua names and connecting historical narratives with the public realm.  Mt Eden Station is connected to elements of the overall CRL story of Matāoho. Matāoho is the volcanic atua/deity who resided in the crater of Maungawhau, and is associated with many of the volcanic features of Tāmaki Makaurau, such as Karā/basalt rock and the Whau tree. 



The creative direction should align with one (or more) of the following underlying themes. Artists are encouraged to conduct research regarding the links below before presenting their concepts.   

  • ‘Unveiling’ what is inside the structure.  
    • These silos contain materials used i to support the production of the TBM. The silos contain reused water, bentonite and fly ash.
    • The vertical storage tower (or conveyor belt tower) contains over 500m worth of conveyor belt that will travel from Mt Eden to Aotea, eventually making the conveyor belt system 2km long. It's the ‘string’ that connects Mt Eden to the other stations. 
  • Cultural history (working with City Rail Link Limited Mana Whenua arts team)   
  • The history of the surrounding site 
  • Key facts and figures on the CRL and Mt Eden 
  • People residing within the Mt Eden community  
  • The Maungawhau Station elements of the overall CRL story of Matāoho the volcanic atua/deity who resided in the crater of Maungawhau, and is associated with many of the volcanic features of Tāmaki Makaurau, such as Karā/basalt rock and the Whau tree.  Atua resides in states of: 
    • dormancy;  
    • fluid and hot;  
    • solid and fixed;  
    • old and changing to earth supporting base for people to live on; and, 
    • Basalt = the result of his works- used for creating useful and decorative forms. 



There are 6 individual projects, contained within 3 different briefs:

  • Four vertical silos located behind the hoarding on the Shaddock Street. These artworks will be on a curved surface approx. 7.5 metres high by 5.6 metres wide (half circumference). - Individual commissions
  • Two horizontal water tanks adjacent to the aforementioned silos. The 2 sections of the water tanks available for this artwork/installation are approx.
    • 18 meters wide by 5 metres high (half circumference),  
    • 9 meters wide by 5 metres high (quarter circumference) 
  • The northern face of the Tunnel Boring Machine Vertical Conveyor Belt Tower in the centre of the Mt Eden site, approx. 13 metres high by 12.5 meters wide

This brief is for the designs only. The decal/canvas wraps will be produced by Link Alliance.

Alternative creative submissions with a revised budget may be considered


How to apply

Please email for the full specification documents and with any questions.  

Closing Date for reverse briefs:  Friday 1st October 2021 6pm

We encourage expressions of interest from artists living or working near Mt Eden.  

We are unlikely to appoint the same artist or provider to more than one piece of work so encourage you to choose the project which suits you best.

Written by

Link Alliance Development Response

10 Sep 2021