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Creativity and Art Scholarships at The Learning Connexion

2022 Scholarships

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The Learning Connexion
31 Oct 2021
Work type
Awards, grants & residencies
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Visual Arts


Thinking of studying art in 2022? 

Scholarship applications for The Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art are open!
If you're looking to study an art programme in 2022, but finances are holding you back, we may be able to provide a full fees scholarship! The Learning Connexion has helped hundreds of people achieve their creative goals, and this year we have a range of great scholarships available.

Scholarship Applications are open for the month of October, closing at 5pm on 31 October.

How to apply

Each scholarship requires applicants to:

- Submit three recent works in any media relating to the theme,
- Answer the questions as outlined on the Scholarship Information PDF and
- Provide a statement of 200 words or less outlining why you are a strong candidate to receive this scholarship and how the work relates to the given theme.

How to apply

Visit our website and find the right scholarship for you, then complete an easy online application process. As part of the application process you will need to have:

1.   Read and agree to the terms and conditions PDF

2.   Taken photographs of the three artworks you are submitting (these must fit the theme
      and be no bigger than to 1mb)

3.   Written out a statement about how your work fits the theme (in 200 words or less)

4.   Prepared answers to the questions outlined in the scholarship PDF (there are 4 questions
for each artwork)

Please Note: We highly recommend preparing your written answers in a separate document to prevent loss of information.





Written by

The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity

1 Oct 2021

Gain NZQA qualifications in transferable creativity through the vehicle of art. Our art programmes are practical, hands on and include many popular fine arts processes including painting, drawing, 3D, printmaking, jewellery, computer graphics, video and more.