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PTI Productions
14 Mar 2013
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Auditions for PTI's CHICAGO

See PDF attached for audition details and character breakdowns.

Bringing back the steamy streets of the 1920s prohibition era, the dazzling glow of celebrities, the small, forgotten people swept into corners, sexy Chicago will thrill with entertainment at its best. Chicago has it all! Crime that creates celebrities, celebrities that create crime. Better than reality TV, it is larger than life, tangible, seductive and sultry. A queen of vaudeville, jailed for murdering her cheating husband and sister, and an ambitious murderess, jailed for killing her boyfriend during a spat, men who had it comin, women who gave it to ‘em. It has razzle-dazzle, a glittering show case lawyer who wins public sympathy for his clients by making them celebrities. A Mr. Nobody who becomes somebody in your eyes as he tries desperately to gain the attention and love of his murdering wife, Roxie. Are they guilty? Does it matter? They’re beautiful and famous and the show must go on.

Legendary musical numbers litter the storyline, “All That Jazz”, “Mister Cellophane”, “Cell Block Tango” “Razzle Dazzle” and “We Both Reached for the Gun” Come paint the town with us, and all that jazz!

Come on babe why don’t we paint the town and all that jazz! Chicago A Musical Vaudeville

Actors, Singers, Dancers, here's your chance to be part of one of the most exciting shows ever.

Key skills

Acting Ability, Dancing Ability, Singing Ability

How to apply

Contact the Production Manager (Rubeana) for more on 027 303 1616 or drop us a line at

Find us at: and

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7 Feb 2013

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