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Lucy & Luke Create
8 Jan 2013
Auckland, National
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Sam and Jelly know the world is full of beasts. They've seen them, and they've been seen. Showing at the Basement Studio from February 25th to March 1st, Wild Beasts will follow these two little girls as they run from the beasts they know, right into the arms of the beasts they don't... begging the question: is it really better the devil you know?

 Brought to you by Lucy + Luke Create, the brand spanking new theatre company from Kitsch Bitches duo Lucy Bennett and Luke Wilson, Wild Beasts will transform the cosy Basement Studio into the whimsical woods the beasts inhabit. You will be transported to a world as wonderful as it is worrying, a world that will remind you of the questions you have been asking since childhood...

What is real?

What is make-believe?

And can you ever really return home?

Does this sound like a theatrical event that you want to be a part of? Kitsch Bitches need you for an audition!

We are looking for young performers (17-25ish) to join the cast of Wild Beasts for its 2013 Fringe Festival season. You must be available for rehearsals throughout January and February (3 times per week) and for the production period (February 25th-- March 1st).

We will be auditioning for two young or young-looking women to play Sam and Jelly, the ten year old protagonists of the play, as well as for the Beasts. As Wild Beasts is an original script, the Beasts may be tailored to the actor, and so our look and gender requirements for these actors is very lax. What we most want to see is energetic, intelligent actors who will bring their own ideas to these roles!!

For a little bit more about us, check us out on Facebook!

Auditions will take place next Tuesday, January 8th, location to be determined (will be in the general Auckland area). You will be required to prepare a piece of your choosing 2-3 minutes long that you feel best showcases your talents. We may then ask you to read an excerpt of the Wild Beasts script. If you would like more information, or to book an audition slot, please email us at with a bit about yourself, your experience and any relevant training.

***If Wild Beasts sounds like something you want to be a part of but you aren’t an actor or none of these parts sound like your cup of tea, flick us an email or a facebook message!! We are on the hunt for people to help with production roles and would love to hear from you!!

Key skills

acting, teamwork, a sense of adventure

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Lucy & Luke Create

2 Jan 2013

Interests We are all about making theatre that is immersive and poetic. Known to less demure crowds as the Kitsch Bitches. xoxox