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1 Feb 2013
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Freelance, Freelance
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Design, Digital & Technology, Screen & Sound


Hi my name is Jacob, I am a 3d Artist based in Wellington.

With my work load starting to ramp up at the beginning of 2013 its beginning to get a bit much for one person to handle,  I thought it maybe a good idea to put my feelers out for someone to help with any project over flow. The projects I tend to work on are pretty broad and can range any ware from games, music videos, 3d modelling, 3d/2d animations, ArchVis, VFX and more, just what ever pops up in my inbox. So basically I'm looking for a digitally savvy person who can help with this influx of work.

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The ideal candidate for the position should have strong general knowledge in 3d application such as Maya and 3ds max, this includes Modelling, unwrapping UVs, Textureing, Animation and Rendering, just the usual skills sets. Some knowledge in mudbox and or zbrush would be handy but not necessary.  Someone with sweet design skills, with a good imagination also any scripting knowledge would be a big bonus. Most of all the person should be driven and passionate about what they do also friendly and easy to work with. Im located in Wellys so someone who is local would be good but not necessary, if you tick all the boxes I don't mind doing long distance.

You should never work for free as I have found out in the past so yes the position will be payed, though it may not be much as money is usually tight and depends on the project. I wouldn't be relying on this as a main source of income but more as a good opportunity to broaden your skills and work on some fun projects. I can help you further refine your skills and I also have some good connections so could possibly get you work else ware, because in this industry its all about who you know;-) 

If you are interested in the position please forward any information, demo reels, portfolios, resumes to my email below and we can go from there.






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 3d generalist

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Jacob Barrow

7 Jan 2013

Interests My name is Jacob Barrow and im a freelance visual effects artist specializing in the field of Digital media, 3D modeling, animation, computer gaming, graphic design, Architectural visualization and visual effects. Personal Description PROFILE: