2 Actors required for Student Short Film

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Yoobee Design School
8 Dec 2012
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Screen & Sound


Hi my name is Arvin Hilario. I'm a student at Yoobee Design School studying Diploma in Digital Filmmaking. I am currently working on my end of year film project. I require 2 lead actors to be part of this funny short. 
Story: Alex jokes around how he can pull off martial arts stunts like in the movies. But when a real threat stands, Will he live up to his expectation or will he choke under the pressure?



Alex - Ages 18 - 25 - Lead Role

Alex is a goofy, arrogant uni student who thinks he can pull of martial arts stunts from the movies after watching one like 5 minutes ago, I mean like seriously. He tries to prove it to his friend, Jason, but got interrupted by a real threat, the local skuxx from the hood. He finds this the perfect opportunity to prove himself but the is will he deliver.

Thug - Ages 20 - 30 - Supporting Role

Thug/Local Skuxx hassles them for their wallet and phone and got into a fight with Alex.

 Our production schedule starts in the 2nd week of December, running from about 3 - 4 days. The crew are a group of 5 talented student filmmakers. 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :)


Key skills

Good sense of humour, teamwork and reliability 

How to apply

Producer: Bradley Wilthshier - Email: brad_wilthshier@hotmail.com / PH: 0278440259

Director: Arvin Hilario - Email: step_up5000@hotmail.com / PH: 0212338846

Written by

Arvin Hilario

21 Nov 2012