Short Film: Powerful drama - 4 Actors needed

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YOOBEE School of Design
7 Dec 2012
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Screen & Sound



Short Film

"Playing with Fire"

A girl's-night-out spins out of control when a phone call ignites a tragedy waiting at home...

Duration: Approx 4mins
Shoot: 2 days between 14 - 20 December
Location: Onehunga / Ellerslie
Auditions: Monday 26th of November - Friday 7th of December
Payment: None
Screening: February 2013

This is a student short film being shot under the guidance of industry professionals. It will have a public screening at an Auckland theatre and be entered into film festivals worldwide.

Neighbours & girl friends, Charlie & Helena are enjoying a girl's-night-out at a local bar when a phone call from Charlie's boyfriend sets Helena in a panic. A struggle with a drunk guy over Charlie's flirtatious ways, stands between Helena's determination to get home & displays Helena's hidden strength.

Once home, they part their separate ways & discover an unexpected tragedy waiting.  




HELENA - This is the lead role. It is very intense and requires a high level of emotion. Helena is a naturally beautiful woman. She is soft-spoken, has an infectious laugh and a big smile.

Females, aged 27 to 36 from Auckland, New Zealand

Height: 165 - 175cm
Weight: 55 - 70kg
Skin Colour: Olive
Eye Colour: Brown
Languages Spoken: English
Accents Spoken: New Zealand
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Hair Type: Straight
Dress Size: 8 - 12      

CHARLIE - This is a fun main role. Charlie is a young, sexy lady & full of life. She is self-involved, loud & has a bad judge of character.

Females, aged 28 to 35 from Auckland, New Zealand

Height: 165 - 172cm
Languages Spoken: English
Accents Spoken: New Zealand
Hair Length: Long
Dress Size: 8 - 12    

TAI - This is an intense main role. Tai is a man of few words, jealous, over-possessive and mentally unstable.



Males, aged 25 to 40 from Auckland, New Zealand

Height: 165 - 180cm
Weight: 70 - 90kg
Languages: English
Accents Spoken: New Zealand
Hair Length: Short    

DRUNK GUY - This is a casual supporting role Drunk Guy is a womaniser, good-looking & confident.

Males, aged 18 to 36 from Auckland, New Zealand



Height: 165 - 180
Weight: 65 - 90kg
Languages Spoken: English


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Brioni Gray (Bee)

Mobile: 021-0240-2094

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Brioni Gray

22 Nov 2012

Interests I am an aspiring NZ Film-maker with the hopes of sharing my stories with the world..