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SITG Productions
20 Apr 2013
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Screen & Sound


'Electric' is an exciting short film to be shot in Auckland. 

We are looking for the following crew:

Producer: Experienced – capable of running a professional shoot. Adaptable and easy to work with.

Lighting technician / gaffer – must have own lights. Great opportunity to work on a project with exciting creative and cinematic potential.

Sound recordist – must have own recording gear.

Props / Costume - must be able to build realistic looking props from scratch (replica taser, various electrical looking devices)

At this stage all positions are unpaid and we are only looking for highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals who want to get behind creating an amazing film. We want experienced and driven individuals who make films for the love of it… We are excited about making this highly visual and unique story… with your help! 


Below is a blurb about the film:

'Electric' is a tale of loneliness, rebirth and electrocution. It's a black comedy about a man who has forgotten how to enjoy life. He is merely content to eke out a wearisome existence, stuck in a never-ending rut of boredom and familiarity - until one day an electrical accident turns out to be the shock he needed to awaken from this mundane life. While idly twirling his fork in the toaster, he gets a violent electric shock which flicks a switch in his brain, a switch that has long been turned off. He feels joy again. Simple, unadulterated ecstasy.

However the feeling of joy is short-lived and he needs to recapture it. To do so, he begins shocking himself repeatedly. The electricity flows through him and he once again revels in life. But what of the rest of the world? Shouldn't they too bear witness to the giddy heights of his own personal brand of electric shock treatment?

Our hero sets out on a quest to change the world, to open people's eyes, to help his fellow man. The electric messiah, delivering a shocking message to the world. But will he survive long enough to fully spread the word?


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Film production

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SITG Productions

22 Feb 2013