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Tim Carter
9 Mar 2013
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Screen & Sound


My goal is to produce a professional-calibre short film to submit to film festivals. I have been getting excellent feedback on the script and now need an actor to perform the sole on-screen role.

The role requires a male actor, 35 - 50ish, who could pass as a politician. The character goes on an emotional rollercoaster over the course of ten minutes so excellent range is required. 

The time involvement required from the actor would be one rehearsal/discussion session and then one night of shooting.

If you are interested then please email me a head shot and a short blurb about your acting experience and I will email you a copy of the script.

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Tim Carter:

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Tim Carter

25 Feb 2013

Interests My longterm goal is to write and direct features but I am currently focusing on writing screenplays and honing my skills with short projects.