Conceptual/Storyboard Artist

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Fish'n'Clips/Anthony Plant
29 Jan 2011
Auckland, National
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Screen & Sound, Visual Arts


I am one of the Music Video Directors at Fish'n'Clips and am looking for someone talented to help me with current and future projects..

I am aiming high and wanting to push creative boundaries and am looking for somebody with a creative mind, drive and motivation to help achieve visions that are wide and varied


Pay wise, the nature of music videos in NZ is low budget, at a pitch stage this would be unpaid work (wont expect help every single time), however in production this will be paid, negotiated on a job by job basis!

Please send me an email with a bit about yourself, and most importantly some examples of your work!


Key skills

storyboarding, conceptual art, knowledge of camera shot size & lens size, graphic design, puntual, excelletn comunication, vivd imagination

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Written by

Anthony Plant

13 Jan 2011