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Atkins Media
30 Jan 2013
Work type
Casual employment
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Screen & Sound, Visual Arts


We are looking for a sales person to become part of our business Atkins Media. We already have an impressive showreel and we produce work that stands out from other businesses also producing video content. We will pay commission between $300 to $1,500 per job.

Video is the future of advertising and it will soon be expected that when you go to a site there will be excellent video content. This is what Atkins Media offers, and we need someone to get this message across to new customers.

The salesperson will need to find new clients. We offer a generous commission for each sale, and you can put in the amount of work you'd like - the more you put in the more you'll get out. Also, if you have an interest in video production, this can lead to a more involved role in our productions and we are happy to help you develop your skills in this area, if you are interested in it, as we often need to pay for crew.

Key skills

Someone passionate, who shares a simmilar interest for the media industry and will represent our business with positivity and enthusiasm.

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Atkins Media

8 Nov 2012