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Woodcut Productions
31 Dec 2010
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We at Woodcut Productions are currently seeking musicians and producers interested in submitting tracks to be considered for our production music library. 

Production music is used by production companies and broadcasters as incidental music in television ads, radio ads, television programs, television promos, Corporate DVDs, movies, online etc.

We distribute our music library to production industries free of charge. Companies pay a pre-set license fee to APRA/AMCOS when they use a piece of music. This fee varies, dependant upon the intended use of the production.  

APRA/AMCOS collect and pay all royalties on a quarterly basis. As an artist you will be paid a percentage share when your work is used.

We are open minded, and will consider any style and genre of music.

**IMPORTANT** Production music cannot be available for commercial release, and to this end needs to be either songs written specifically for inclusion in our library, or songs not intended for release (album outtakes etc).

Key skills

Quality music and recordings

How to apply

For more information please contact:

**Please do not email mp3s as attachments unless specified** Yousendit links, soundcloud, myspace etc all welcome


Postal address for Demos:

Woodcut, PO BOX 68885, Newton, Auckland.

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23 Sep 2010