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Quite Sensible Theatre
10 Dec 2010
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Music, Performing Arts


The Show:

"The Seductobot", an original musical comedy written by a Wellington songwriter, is a tangled tale of love, lust and robots. When Beth, a brilliant young scientist, uses her latest creation, an incredibly life-life android, to help the man of her dreams win the girl of his dreams, she sets into motion a chain of events she never could have seen coming. Sylvie the Seductobot stirs up all sorts of trouble in not only Beth's life but the lives of her unrequited love, the waitress he's in love with and a crooked lawyer who has no problem sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. There'll be singing, dancing, hook-ups, shake-ups, deception, blackmail, robotics and explosions - both literal and metaphorical.

The Role:

Beth, although academically brilliant, hasn't got much of a social life. She's happier in her lab, working with her creations, who are pretty much her only friends - with one notable exception: Trevor. They've known each other for years and he's the only person she's comfortable around, so it stands to reason she'd fall madly in love with him. Insecure, conflicted and absolutely convinced that love just isn't for her, Beth will do anything to make Trevor happy - including helping him win over the girl of his dreams. Her constant companions are a stuffed panda who offers sage advice and a metallic lobster who just wants to blow things up, both of whom make their opinions known and heard. Science is her passion in life and the only thing she's truly confident in.

What we're looking for: a strong singer with an alto/mezzo-soprano range. Beth's a bit of a nerd, so someone who can pull that off. The show is being workshopped with the entire cast, so we need someone who's willing to jump in, make suggestions as to what they think works and make the role their own. A team player with a good sense of humour and an appreciation of the slightly bizarre is essential.

The Team:

This show features entirely original music, written by local singer/songwriter Rose Duxfield and arranged by music composition student Nicole Geluk. Cast and crew are a mixture of people who have performed and created theatre prolifically, people who've studied and created theatre through Victoria University, and people who are just getting started in theatre. Producer/performer Kirsty McGuire is a founding member of Quite Sensible Theatre and we're thrilled to be putting on this show under the Quite Sensible umbrella. Formed early 2009, Quite Sensible is dedicated to exploring rough, playful and unpretentious theatre. The QS manifesto is to be inclusive and receptive to others’ views, to play, to commit, to explore, to take risks and to keep the romance alive.

Key skills

  • Strong alto/mezzo-soprano
  • Some acting experience
  • Team player
How to apply

You can get in touch with us for information about auditioning at 

Written by

Rose Duxfield

5 Dec 2010