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Phoenix Theatre
22 Feb 2013
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Performing Arts, Community & Access Arts



 It's not often that Don Corleone, the Godfather, and James Bond, agent 007 get to appear on the same stage together outside a Vegas talent quest show! Now, however, NZ writer April Phillips has cleverly cast them as central characters in her two one-act plays Snip and Bonking James Bond, playing as a double billing at the Rose Centre in May 2013. Phillips is previously a McPail & Gadsby collaborator and author of the phenomenally successful comedy STiFF that Phoenix Theatre presented to sell-out audiences at the Rose Centre in 2008.

 Inside the heads of some very ordinary seeming characters facing life-changing decisions you will find some very odd fantasies. In SNIP, Frank's overstretched wife Jenny is demanding that he start shouldering some responsibility in their relationship and wants him to have a vasectomy. The Don appears like a Dark Knight to champion this threat to Frank's manhood. As Frank finds himself caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place he must decide what is the best way to man up to a situation like this?

 In Phillips' second play, bonking James Bond is Hazel's solution to her own major dilemma. Faced with irrefutable evidence of a failing marriage Hazel is devastated but tries to win back her man by playing the reverse psychology card. In the process she finds unsuspected reserves of resourcefulness and energy that just might carry her through to find what she really wants out of life.

 April Phillips has a real knack (if you will pardon the pun) of finding bizarre and hilarious moments in the most domestic realities. And in these two cleverly whimsical short plays she reveals just how we mask our deepest fears and paradoxically how that helps us to face up to them more easily. In SNIPand BONKING JAMES BOND we see once again why April Phillips is one of New Zealand's best playwrights.

AUDITIONS 2pm, Saturday 23 February 2013 - Richards Ave, Forrest Hill -cast required is four men and four women aged between early 30's and late 50's

 Season is in May 2013 - rehearsals will be 3 nights a week from early March. Performances will be the Rose Centre in Belmont, rehearsals will be in Forrest Hill.

Key skills

Amateur actors, experience preferred

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For information phone Sally  021 256 3258 or

Written by

Rob Holland

22 Jan 2013