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Sean Roode
3 Nov 2013
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Literature & Publishing


Hello ladies and gentlemen

My name is Sean Roode

I have come with a request for any creative writers who are interested. For the past few months I have been working on a Science fiction saga and I have reached a point where I am in need of help. The reason for this is as follows. I have created over 60 different alien races for this saga which equates to 60,000 pages of potential story material. The goal that I set out to achieve was to create a universe not unlike star wars, star trek, Halo and Mass effect where you have such a well constructed universe you can basically write what ever story you want within it's framework. I am doing quite well with the universe construction as I mentioned but it has grown to such a point that I can not handle it solo. As I said over 60,000 pages or more of potential story which If I write a 1,000 page novel each year it will take me till the age of 87 before I finish it that roughly equates to about 20 trilogies. I have begun working on the story for my first Book/ trilogy called Thea but as I have said I need help with it all. Not just to get it down but to make it as great as I can make it. If you are interested please contact me via my emial

seanrd6@ gmail.com

Thanks guys.

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Creative writing, Imagination, research

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Sean Roode

2 Oct 2013