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Mathew John Pearson
10 Oct 2013
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Literature & Publishing, Screen & Sound


Hi, Are there any screenwriters in New Zealand in alignment with Hollywood Show-Business?

I have just completed my first "Hollywood Style" Action Feature Film titled "CONTRACT KILLERS"

It was shot in Wellington on a micro budget but with a great result and it is currently in the distribution process. the trailer is viewable at www.youtube.com/engineeredfilms


I am excited to start developing the next "Hollywood Style" Action Feature Film with the intention to focus more on the Characters and Storytelling and shoot in Wellington again.


I am looking to meet screenwriters either in person in Wellington or online from other areas of NZ and find the right people to design the next film with.


The venture is suited to people as hungry as me to break into Hollywood Show-Business. There would be payment for the screenplay if the film gets greenlit.


Please contact me to discuss further 

Key skills

Strong characters/relationships. Strong sense of natural/clever setups & payoffs. Strong sense of natural/clever exposition. Strong sense of what makes a satisfying ending

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021 0236 6677

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Mathew John Pearson

23 Feb 2013

Interests Action Movie Director http://www.starnow.co.nz/EngineeredFilms